The Tour

The Active Towns Tour is where the initiative hits the road, quite literally!
We set out each year in the spring to discover, explore and document some of the healthiest, most physically active places we can find.

We launched the tour in May 2013 in Salt Lake City at the Congress for the New Urbanism.

Since that time we have visited 27 states, 8 countries and conducted initial observations in well over 150 communities 

Our goal for 2017 is to begin production work on video profiles (mini-documentaries) of 10-15 cities that best exemplify Established, Emerging or Aspiring Active Towns.
We have a few of our profile targets set, but we’re interested in hearing from you as we round out our travel plans and production schedules.

2017 Profile Targets

~ Boulder, CO (established)

~ Austin, TX (established)

~ Seattle, WA (emerging) and a brief side trip to explore Victoria, BC

~ Memphis, TN (emerging)

~ Providence, RI (aspiring)

~ Others? Please submit your suggestions & recommendations to John at

Below is a video introducing the Active Towns Tour & Community Profiles

If you’d like to see images from the places we’ve visited, we invite you to visit our Facebook page photo albums. Also, be sure to check out our growing number of videos featured on our Culture of Activity Vimeo Channel.

Please let us know if you have a community that you believe to be an Active Town worthy of a visit and profile video by submitting your suggestion on our Facebook page or via email

Minneapolis open streets ping pong

Photo: A little open streets ping pong, September 2014 ~ Minneapolis, MN

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