Gore Valley Trail ~ Panoramic Shot

Gore Valley Trail ~ Panoramic Shot

It’s Good to Be Back!

After a long siesta from the blog, we are delighted to return to this platform as we announce the launch of our periodic e-Newsletter.

Over the past year or so, we’ve been developing our Culture of Activity video channel on Vimeo and the Episodes, as we call them, are accumulating.

A couple of the goals we have for this revised and revived blog space is to highlight and expand upon the video content we are producing as well as profile our newsletters in a more dynamic and interactive manner.

With that said, below is our very first newsletter, as an enhanced and expanded version. Click here to view the original newsletter format and here to subscribe.


Welcome to the
Active Towns Initiative
Culture of Activity Newsletter!

August 18,  2016

The primary intent of this periodic email is to keep you, our subscribers, up to speed on our recent original content and review relevant curated content produced by others.

The goal is to keep it short and sweet, with appropriate links for further exploration. So, let’s get started!

Active Towns Original Content

We are delighted to introduce you to our Vimeo Culture of Activity Channel, where we currently have 24 Episodes uploaded and available to view. We invite you to check them out.

Our Most Recent Videos

In Episode 23 we were honored to interview Culture of Activity Ambassador, Nicole DeBoom, former professional triathlete and 2004 Ironman Wisconsin Champion. In this profile you’ll learn about her company Skirt Sports, her new non-profit Running Start and her passion for encouraging healthy, active lifestyles. Watch our conversation with Nicole below.

Episode 23 – Profile: Nicole DeBoom, Culture of Activity Ambassador

In Episode 24 John escapes to the mountains of Colorado to profile one of his favorite Activity Assets, Vail’s Gore Valley Trail. Watch the joyride video montage below.

Episode 24 – Vail, CO: Gore Valley Trail

Flashback Videos

Episodes 1-3 provide an overall introduction to the Initiative and our Core Concepts, they’re worth viewing if you have not already done so. Below you can watch each of these episodes. Also, here’s the link to the shortened version of Episode 1.

Episode 1 – full length Introduction

Episode 2 Activity Assets – Hardware

Episode 3 Activity Assets – Software

Other Interesting Content

Why Culture of Activity Matters:
A Strong Towns blog post by Sarah Kobos from February of this year, titled Want Community? Build Walkability, re-emerged this morning on Facebook. Our favorite quote from the post is:

“Every time I walk or bike, I enter into this world on a much deeper level. When I bike to work, I speak to strangers. People say hello. They ask directions. They comment on the weather. At a minimum, I get eye contact and a wave. More often than not, people smile.”

We think this epitomizes and captures the essence as to why Active Towns are just so special.

48 Hours Yields 4 Heart Warming Films:
Filmmaker and Active Towns Initiative friend, Clarence Eckerson of Streetfilms recently had a brief 48 hour layover in Copenhagen on his way to Oslo, Norway. We think he used his time wisely, as he was able to collect enough content to produce four fun, uplifting and thought provoking videos. Here’s the link to his blog post, featuring embedded video links for easy viewing.

Transforming a Horrible Place:
Some of the most inhospitable, even hostile places to walk (and bike) are underpasses, especially those of major roadways. A week ago, Alissa Walker posted an article on Curbed.com appropriately titled “Now this how you design a freeway underpass: A California city turns a dark tunnel into an inviting walkway”. We believe these are the types of investments that help transform the awful into Inviting, Invigorating and Inclusive Activity Assets, which in turn assist in creating and supporting a Culture of Activity‬.

Potential Content Profile: Let us know if you see any interesting, relevant articles, research or blog posts


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