Vancouver, BC ~ a multi-modal crossing

Vancouver, BC ~ a multi-modal crossing


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Vol. 1 No. 4


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Active Towns Original ContentOur Most Recent Films

Boulder, CO
While we were in Boulder, CO for a complete street panel discussion we snuck out early one morning for a run and was delighted to see so many people commuting by bike. Here’s an Instagram video we posted from that run.

We stayed around a few days extra and filmed one of our favorite little neighborhood streets near our Boulder office. Here’s that video profile of Norwood Ave which serves as our primary low stress route to the local market and features an impressive number of bikes at the middle school.

Episode 28 – Activity Asset Profile: Norwood Ave in Boulder, CO

Vancouver, BC
We’re slowly making our way through all the footage we shot in Vancouver for the Walk Bike Places conference in September. This week we released a brand new video of a bike & ped infrastructure tour: Episode 29

Episode 29 – Vancouver Infrastructure Tour

and we went back and remastered Episode 27 our caravan bike ride over to the City of North Vancouver.

Episode 27 – WalkBikePlace Ride to North Van

A Flashback Film

Our recent Boulder trip also reminds us of a really fun experience we captured a few months ago while working out of our office there. We highlighted this unique event, Boulder’s Tube to Work Day in Episode 21

Episode 21 – Boulder: Tube to Work Day 2016

Other Interesting Content

John on the Strong Towns Podcast:
In honor of their week long focus on bicycle related issues and trends, Chuck Marohn, President of Strong Towns spoke with John Simmerman, Co-Founder of Active Towns on his weekly Strong Towns podcast.

John's 3rd time on the Strong Towns podcast

John’s 3rd time on the Strong Towns Podcast

Walkability and Health:
One of the hottest trending articles we posted on the Active Towns Facebook page was about walkability and health and focussed on a large number research studies that were conducted from around the world. To read the article click here.

Upside Down Salad Bowls:
The second most popular story we posted was from our “other” hometown of Austin, TX about creative low cost protected bike lane separators. To read the article click here.

Potential Content Profile: Let us know if you see any interesting, relevant articles, research or blog posts – just drop John an email at:

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