Darcy Kitching of Boulder, Colorado joins John in a comprehensive conversation about her experiences leading community engagement activities.

Darcy’s recent TEDx Presentation Below:

In this episode, we welcome Darcy Kitching of Boulder, Colorado. Darcy is an experienced program director, talented storyteller, and truly a force of nature as an Activity Ambassador. Her formal training is in education and urban planning. She’s the principal owner of Places Make People, LLC a firm dedicated to improving places to better meet resident needs.

Since 2015 she’s served on the steering committee for the University of Colorado at Boulder’s Growing Up Boulder program working on broad-based initiatives to expand walkability, nature play, and child-friendly transportation & mobility options.

In addition, she’s the Boulder Program Director for the Walk2Connect organization leading the Boulder Ramblers overseeing engagement efforts in association with the City’s Boulder Walks program.

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