In this episode, Triny Willerton of #ItCouldBeMe shares her story of turning a tragic event into a national movement for safer streets for everyone

For this episode, we are delighted to welcome Triny Willerton of Boulder, Colorado and the It Could Be Me initiative.

Triny is a mom, a wife, an Ironman distance triathlete, and an accidental advocate for safer streets.

And we say accidental advocate because it wasn’t until she was struck and nearly killed by a pickup truck < should have said by the driver of >, while out on a training ride, that she became so personally aware of the tremendous challenge we have in our society out on the streets.

An environment where motor vehicles are prioritized and there is a systemic dehumanization of our more vulnerable roadway users, really anyone not in a car or truck.

She was so profoundly impacted by this tragic event that she has since dedicated herself to making a difference in society and hopefully preventing anyone else from having to go through what she endured.

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