Season 1 Episode 7:

Inspiring people to get off their couches and explore this beautiful planet through his storytelling is Ryan’s passion

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In this episode, Active Towns Podcast host John Simmerman catches up with Ryan van Duzer of DuzerTV and YouTube fame and no big surprise, it’s a wild ride, in a very good way.

The conversation kicks off with a quick recap of a recent adventure down to the Copper Canyon in Mexico where Ryan had just participated in the Caballo Blanco Ultra Marathon event, which was the race featured in the book Born to Run by Christopher McDougall.

The discussion of adventures then turned to RAGBRAI, Ryan’s mom and her amazing Priority electric-assist bike that has changed her life.

Additional topics, adventures, and content covered include:


Taking mom to Burningman

Germany Christmas Market Trip

Baja Videos

Boston Standup Paddleboarding – Getting out of your comfort zone


– Clarence Eckerson, Jr. and Streetfilms
Scott Jurek
Barefoot Ted

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