Season 1 Episode 21:

Talking about downtown living, discovering utilitarian cycling, PorchFest and so much more

Show Notes:

For our 21st episode, John is delighted to share his recent conversation with Dom Nozzi and Maggie Waddoups of Boulder, Colorado. Dom and Maggie as a couple are enthusiastic supporters of the Active Towns Initiative, which we sincerely appreciate and cheerleaders for all things associated with creating more livable, walkable, bikeable, and lovable places.

Dom is a veteran urbanist and author of the book Road to Ruin: An Introduction to Sprawl and How to Cure It, whereas Maggie as a relative newcomer to the topic and provides a truly refreshing perspective to the discussion.

We cover a wide range of subjects including their move to a downtown adjacent condo just a block away from Pearl Street, Maggie’s introduction to Dutch upright bikes and utilitarian cycling, the Mapleton Hill PorchFest, as well as their new blog Follow Our Footprints which strive to show how to engage in self-guided, affordable, unforgettable travel to the historic old town centers of Western Europe

“Bicycling in Europe is a lot of fun. You can bicycle almost anywhere in Europe – and not the kind of cycling where you put on your lycra and a helmet and push through 75 miles in a day. I am talking about riding a bicycle around town to see sights and visit neighborhoods, pedal through parks, and even ride to neighboring villages – all at a leisurely and enjoyable pace, and without getting run down by cars or feeling unsafe.”

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