Season 1 Episode 22:

How a four-month bicycle trip changed her life trajectory and inspired a passion for travel and movement

Show Notes

Holly Bennett is a world traveler, endurance athlete, and remote worker extraordinaire. She shares her story of personal transformation, commitment to active living, and some of the amusing things that happen to her when she’s out running and riding. Be sure to scroll down to learn about her next big adventure that she just announced on Facebook.

Additional Advice and Helpful Links from Holly:

Banjo Brothers Panniers

Nite Ize Bike Lights

Felt Bicycles

Here’s a helpful article on how to select a bike from EpicBicycles

Additional tips from Holly:
Go to your local bike shop, test ride a few different bikes, and buy the one that you feel the most comfortable on—doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive, just comfortable. Because the better you feel on the bike, the more likely you are to ride. You can also get inexpensive bikes at places like Costco, Target, etc.—so even if smaller shops are closed now, there are options. But your best bet is to establish a relationship with your local shop, as you’ll get more personalized service and advice.

Learn to change a flat tire! It’s a basic yet critical skill to have—and it’s not that hard. When I started riding regularly, I went to my local shop and asked them to show me how. Check your local shop or your community recreation program for basic bike mechanic classes. Or go online—you can learn just about anything on YouTube. Now, during the lockdown is the perfect time to practice! You’ll feel much more empowered when you know how to handle a flat, and your rides won’t get cut short unexpectedly by having to call for someone to pick you up on the road.

Carry basic tools: tube/patch kit, pump/co2, tire iron, allen wrench set for minor adjustments

Be prepared—pack snacks and plenty of fluids. What I carry on my bike right now in the Arizona heat:

  • insulated Avana Sedona tumbler filled with ice water (the tapered tumbler fits perfectly in the coffee cup holder)
  • insulated BlenderBottle Hydration Halex bottle* (designed to fit in bike bottle cages, this bottle has a unique vertical mode and integrated straw, allowing you to take a refreshing drink while keeping your eyes on the road) *btw the Halex is a brand new release and will be available on June 26th
  • large insulated Owala FreeSip bottle (this bottle has a leak-proof, locking lid—I keep the 32-oz. size in my pannier full of ice water, then use it to refill my tumbler as needed)
  • mixed nuts and dried fruit packed in Whiskware Snacking Containers
  • Clif Bars


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