Season 1 Episode 32:

In this episode, we learn that it takes asking and answering the hard questions to help people live the life they really want

Show Notes:

Susanne Menge helps people discover their passions and learn how to achieve their goals and a sense of joy or as she likes to say “Live Your Gold Medal Life”.

From her website:

I am a passionate lover of humans. I am naturally kind, compassionate and caring and bring that to all of my work. I am a lifelong learner who started with study of the physical body, evolved into the study of thought and emotions and then dove head first into studying energy. When I learned I was not my thoughts and followed that by learning about energy, I knew I had found my answer to all the ‘stress management’ I have been trying to sort out all of my life. I have been guiding clients on their way to unleashing their potential for over 20 years and as I grow, my work deepens and continues to evolve. I work with people ready to unlock their untapped capacity and live the life they really want!

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