In this episode, we head up to Ontario, Canada for a virtual discussion about e-bikes with Jamie Stuckless and Darnel Harris

In this episode, John, Jamie and Darnel dive into the details of their work associated with electric assist cycles and cargo-bikes as well as the need for better cycling infrastructure and updated regulatory policies.

Show Notes:

Jamie Stuckless is a Hamilton-based advocate and policy wonk who has become increasingly interested in and working on the needed legislative updates with regards to e-bikes and other electric mobility devices. We reference a recent article that she published about her first substantial experience riding an electric-assist bike.

While Darnel is the Executive Director of Our GreenWay an NGO working to create a more resilient and equitable Northwest Toronto, a far-flung, industrial exurb of the city of Toronto. We reference an article that Darnel published along with Sam Starr about the post-pandemic future of electric assist cycles.

Additional Helpful Links:

Jamie’s website

Jamie wrote a policy piece for the Ontario Good Roads Association

Jamie and Darnel have both done a bit of writing for this e-bikes website: https://ebikes-international.com/

Cycling Without Age

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