In this episode, John connects with
Jon Larsen, Salt Lake City’s Transportation Divison Director

They discuss the opportunity that SLC has to redefine how their wide streets are used. In a way returning their roots of being diverse multi-modal corridors.

Below is a video about the 300 West project

Below is a Not Just Bikes video about STROADS

Below is PeopleForBikes Shed the Monster video

Show Notes:

Salt Lake City’s historic grid features massively wide streets and incredibly long blocks, but its origin isn’t rooted in car-centric design, rather it was a practical solution to freight logistics – the ability to do a u-turn with a team of oxen or horses driving a cart or carriage.

Does Salt Lake City, Utah come to mind when you think of cities leading the way in innovative cycle infrastructure? Probably not. But, they were one of the early protected cycling infrastructure adopters in North America, with one of the first official “Dutch-style” protected intersections. Unfortunately, the car-centric status quo pushed back, and things slowed down significantly for a couple of years.

In 2017, Jon Larsen took the helm as the Transportation Division Director and as you’ll hear in this interview he and his team have got the effort the create safer, more inviting street spaces for “All Ages & Abilities” across all mobility modes back on track and have regained their momentum.

We look forward to a return visit to explore and profile their progress in the near future.

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