In this episode, John has a chat with
Abby Kinney, Senior Associate
Urban Designer w/Gould Evans and
Host of the Upzoned Podcast

They discuss the unique structure and format of the podcast, her role as an urban designer, and some of her personal reflections on the empowering nature of active mobility infrastructure improvements in her neighborhood and in general.

Video: A fun historical account of Kansas City’s Cliff Drive

Video: As promised… here’s our Dutch cycling montage mash-up, featuring the car “beg-button”

Show Notes:

Active Towns Landing page for this episode for access to more photos, videos

Every week on the Strong Towns Upzoned PodcastAbby Kinney and most frequently, Chuck Marohn, Founder of Strong Towns have a discussion about a relevant article in some way connected to the Strong Towns message and movement. The thoughtful analysis of the content of the selected article is then balanced out with a segment they call the “Downzone” when they share what they’ve been reading, watching, or anything else that’s been occupying their time.

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