In this episode, John re-connects with
Arleigh Greenwald aka Bike Shop Girl

They discuss Arleigh’s Bike Shop Girl mission – Empowering Daily Life by Bike which is also conveniently consistent with her “new” role as Product Marketing Manager for Tern Bicycles. She also addresses why Move for Tomorrow is now her personal mantra as she strives to achieve a sense of life balance and wellness as a busy mom of two, spouse, active living advocate, and marketing professional.

Show Notes:

This episode is available as a video and features many visuals – catch it on our YouTube Channel here:  Episode 99

Pragmatic solutions to real problems. Providing empathic support to those who are curious, but are unsure what the next step is. High-quality, electric-assist cargo bikes.

This is how we get more people, especially parents, and specifically moms with their kids riding more.

Arleigh Greenwald, also known as Bike Shop Girl , has spent much of her life on a bike and she believes strongly that we all need to Bike More, Worry Less. Over the past decade-plus she’s been Empowering Daily Life by Bike and helping others do the same.

We encourage you all to follow her work on YouTube

In addition to being a content creator inspiring active living and well-being, she’s a mom, a spouse, and now she’s the Product Market Manager for Tern Bicycles – one of the coolest e-bike and cargo bike brands out there. And not surprisingly she’s producing high-quality video content for Tern out on their YouTube Channel while providing meaningful support to the Tern Bicycles dealer network.

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A reminder: Next week is our special 100th episode a video conversation featuring Clarence Eckerson, Jr. with Streetfilms

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