In this episode, John connects with
Dr. Natalia Barbour, Assistant Professor at TU Delft

They have a wide-ranging discussion about her background and work, what it was like to make the move from Florida to The Netherlands, and how she and the family are adjusting to basically a car-free lifestyle after previously being car-dependent.

Show Notes:

In this first episode of season three, John connects with Dr. Natalia Barbour, Ph.D., Assistant Professor at TU Delft researching and teaching in the areas of transport and energy.

Originally from Wągrowiec a town of roughly 25,000 residents in west-central Poland, she moved to the U.S. to attend graduate school first in Alabama and then in Florida before doing her postdoc work at MIT in Cambridge, MA.

She and her young family recently made the massive move from Florida to Delft in The Netherlands during a global pandemic and she reflects on the powerful role that the simple Dutch bike and having a safe and inviting “All Ages & Abilities” cycle network have played a supporting role in facilitating their transition to a car-free lifestyle while also providing ample content for her field of study in sustainable mobility options and behavior change.

John first connected with Natalia on Twitter where she frequently posts about her new life in Delft.

Additional Helpful Links:

For more information on her research and publications visit her website

Info on the Wągrowiec Bifurcation (the rare two rivers crossing)

Access the Women on the Move webinar here  Passcode: !0?6d5!M Natalia is introduced at about 16:50

MOOC: Towards Decarbonization of the Building and Transport Sectors | TU Delft Online

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