In this episode, I connect with
Tim Gill, an independent researcher and author in creating kid-friendly communities

We discuss the premise behind his first book No Fear and how that led him to write his latest text Urban Playground: How Child-Friendly Planning and Design Can Save Cities

What if most of our public realm was a collection of child-friendly spaces such that the urban fabric was essentially a “playground”, a platform for childhood development with plenty of room to roam and explore?

This may sound crazy, but right now, in some countries, safe and inviting “All Ages & Abilities” environments encourage and support free-range kids and I would propose free-range older adults unencumbered by automobiles as well. Because, as the saying goes. If works for an 8-year-old it works for an 80-year-old.

In this episode, I talk with Tim Gill, author of the book Urban Playground: How Child-Friendly Planning and Design Can Save Cities about this radical yet simple planning and design concept.

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