Season 1 Episode 49:

In this episode, John, Matt, and Justin dive deep into the details of the Dutch Fietsstraat or Bicycle Priority Street a type of facility where motor vehicles and cycles share the same space.

Images Above: Matt Pinder
Images Above: Justin Jones

Show Notes:

When it comes to “All Ages & Abilities” cycle network facilities the protected bike lane or separated cycle-track typically gets most of the attention, however a little known fact about the Dutch approach is that the majority of their streets feature some form of shared space, including the ever-present “Fietsstraat” or bicycle priority street.

Matt Pinder, a Senior Designer with Alta Planning + Design, in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and Justin Jones, Manager of Bicycle Friendly Communities with the Share the Road Cycling Coalition, in Collingwood, Ontario, Canada decided to dive into the details of the Bicycle Priority Street and its North American analogs with a series of articles posted on Matt’s blog Beyond the Automobile

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