In this special mid-week episode, John connects long-distance with
Mark Cramer, who is an American living in the Paris, France area.

Mark is also the author of the book Old Man on a Green Bike: Chronicles of a Self-Serving Environmentalist and they talk about how to encourage more people of all ages to ride more often.

Show Notes:

To say that Mark Cramer is an accidental bike advocate would be quite an understatement. He describes how many years ago he happened upon a fun group of cyclists completely taking over the streets of Paris, with the support and assistance of the police, and how this chance connection led him down the road of becoming a regular bike commuter, traveling throughout the Paris region.

Now that he’s retired he has taken up exploring by his beloved green bike and reflecting on how profound an impact riding has had on his life, health, and wellbeing.

If you’d like to learn more be sure to pick up a copy of his book: Old Man on a Green Bike: Chronicles of a Self-Serving Environmentalist

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