In this episode, John connects with
Sarah Abel, a transportation planner with a passion for safe systems design

They discuss how she first got inspired to do this work, what is involved with the Safe Systems Approach, and even end up talking about effective curb management strategies

Show Notes:

This episode is available in video format and has many visuals worth seeing.

When it comes to creating safer, more inviting streets for All Ages & Abilities across all mobility types, the Dutch (which implement a strategy they call Sustainable Safety), the Swedes, and Norwegians have been leading the way through the implementation of an integrated safer systems approach.

Recently the United States has started to embrace this concept as part of the Vision Zero movement which strives to eliminate traffic fatalities and serious injuries.

Sarah Abel is an architect and planner who has become a subject matter in complete and streets design and promotion and has focussed in recent years on bringing the Safe Systems Approach into sharp focus for cities here in North America.

She was previously with ITE
And recently made the move to Toole Design Group

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