Season 1 Episode 53:

Today is December 31, 2020 – no better time to bring Season One of the Active Towns Podcast to a close and send 2020 out the door. Thanks to all of our guests who joined in on the conversation and all of you for listening and watching our episodes.

Show Notes:

In addition to John’s very brief reflections, he goes on to provide some surprise bonus material at the end of the main recording; a brief overview countdown of each of the 52 episodes.

See below for links to each of the episode landing pages which feature special photos and video links.

Season One Episode Landing Page Links:

Active Towns Podcast Intro

Episode 1: Wading into Walkability w/ Heyden Black Walker

Episode 2: Growing Old(er) w/ Preston Tyree

Episode 3: Reconnecting to Your Community w/ Darcy Kitching

Episode 4: It Could Be Me w/ Triny Willerton

Episode 5: Dream it, Plan it, GO FOR IT! w/ Katie Deolloz

Episode 6: Ready to Ride w/ Mathias Ihlenfeld

Episode 7: Getting Out There w/ Ryan Van Duzer

Episode 8: Rolling Forward with MoveATX w/ Jim Wick

Episode 9: Updates from Bike Austin (Chris Riley) & Walk Austin (Adam Greenfield)

Episode 10: Main Street Transformation w/ Victor Dover & Raphael Clemente

Episode 11: Going Dutch w/ Chris Bruntlett

Episode 12: Tactical Urbanism in a Pandemic w/ Mike Lydon

Episode 13: Building Strong Towns w/ Chuck Marohn

Episode 14: It’s All City Building w/ Mark Nickita

Episode 15: Composing a Compelling Narrative w/ Kea Wilson

Episode 16: Fighting Traffic w/ Peter Norton

Episode 17: Places People Love w/ Lynn Richards

Episode 18: Inspiring Vibrancy w/ Amanda Popken

Episode 19: Why The Overhead Wire w/ Jeff Wood

Episode 20: A Walker In LA w/ Alissa Walker

Episode 21: Following Footprints w/ Dom Nozzi & Maggie Waddoups

Episode 22: Active Explorations w/ Holly Bennett

Episode 23: Cultivating Community w/ Kevin Shepherd

Episode 24: Startup CEO Reflections w/ Jennifer Baird

Episode 25: Streets for Everyone w/ Jill Locantore

Episode 26: Rebuild Restore Renew w/ Roshun Austin

Episode 27: Shared Paths Boulder w/ Graham Hill

Episode 28: Run This World w/ Nicole DeBoom

Episode 29: Induced Demand Innovations w/ Curtis Rogers

Episode 30: A Session w/ Transportation Psychologist Bryan Jones

Episode 31: Exploring Every Street w/ Janelle Naess

Episode 32: Live Your Gold Medal Life w/ Susanne Menge

Episode 33: Discussing Our Transport Future w/ Todd Litman

Episode 34: PeopleFor Bikes – Local Innovations w/ Kyle Wagenschutz & Sara Studdard

Episode 35: All Aboard w/ Mike Christensen

Episode 36: Make a Difference w/ Charles Brown

Episode 37: A Bike Friendly Episode w/ Bill Nesper

Episode 38: Rolling Down the Road w/ Commissioner Ellis & Fernando Martinez

Episode 39: Seville’s “Overnight” Bike Network Success w/ Manuel Calvo

Episode 40: Lovable Places & People Habitats w/ Kaid Benfield

Episode 41: A Wish For Wheels w/ Brad Appel

Episode 42: The Joy of Riding Again w/ Lennard Zinn

Episode 43: Parking Reforms w/ Donald Shoup

Episode 44: Bikepacking w/ Ryan Van Duzer (video)

Episode 45: Reclaiming the Right of Way w/ Angie Schmitt

Episode 46: Up For Anything w/ Pam LeBlanc (video)

Episode 47: Human-Scaled Accessibility w/ Meredith Glaser

Episode 48: Rolling Down Santa Barbara’s Car-Free Main Street w/ Frank Peters (video)

Episode 49: Talking Fietsstraats or Bicycle Streets w/ Matt Pinder & Justin Jones

Episode 50: America Walks w/ Mike McGinn

Episode 51: How We Get Around w/ Andy Boenau

Episode 52: Taking Action w/ Jonathan Fertig (video)

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